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You have just been broken into and the police have given you a case number.  Why not try to recover your stolen goods?  Do you have any photographs of the items that have been stolen? will put your photos of stolen items on the internet.  


Our website based in San Antonio, Texas, will help you recover stolen valuables

Recover your stolen valuables, by putting them on the internet for people to see.  Millions of people view the sites on the internet.  The chances are some one will see your items on our website.  No item is too big or small (cars, trucks, or machinery).  For a small fee, we will place your items on our website.

Our Services at a Glance
We will work both residential and commercial burglaries by putting the photos of stolen items on our website.  These items are posted on our website for all to view; pawn shop owners, individuals who may have bought stolen items at flea markets, and burglars themselves, may view the site.  This is a way of getting your valuables, antiques, jewelry, and any stolen items, before the public.  No item is too big or small.  

What Sets Us Apart?
For more than 20 years, we have gained practical experience and acclaim from solving a variety of cases, my wife Carole Parker and myself take a personal interest in these crimes.  When you engage our help, you can trust you are dealing with the best. Our accomplishments are many, we're licensed private investigators in the city of San Antonio.  Our License # is AO8846 


Get your irreplaceable belongings back and put our website on the case.
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